Job Openings for Full- and Part-time Employees at FJ.HOTELS
Locations (Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, Hyatt Regency Fukuoka and Others)


Our Reason for Hiring New Staff

Our aim is to provide guests with top-quality service, which is why our staff must be capable of offering highly refined, luxurious lodging experiences and atmospheres as well as thoroughgoing, considerate customer service. Here at FJ.HOTELS, we are looking for employees who are willing to grow together with us.

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  • Position Descriptions

  • ● Reception Service Staff
    Primary tasks are welcoming and seeing off guests
    ● Front Desk Staff
    Check-in and check-out procedures, taking of reservations, etc.
    ● Telephone Operator
    Overall telephone-based support from the customer service center?for customers both inside and outside the hotel
    ● Housekeeping Staff
    Primary tasks are cleaning of rooms and table setting
    ● Reservation Services Staff
    General reservation-taking duties for lodging, banquet facilities, dining facilities, etc.
    ● Restaurant/Bar Staf
    Serving customers in hotel restaurant and bar facilities
    ● Event Service Staff
    Serving drinks/food and running banquet facilities for wedding receptions, banquets, etc.
    ● Cook (Western Cuisine)
    Overall cooking duties (Western-style dishes) for the hotel and its restaurant facilities
    ● Cook (Sweets and Breads)
    Overall cooking/preparation duties for pastries, desserts, breads and so forth used throughout the hotel


Message from the Human Resources Department

  • Striving for Hotels that Customers Will Choose First

  • At FJ.HOTELS, we aim to cultivate more attractive cities and regions. Our facilities encompass a wide range of hotels, from the luxury-brand Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and Hyatt Regency Fukuoka to business hotels like Hotel Forza that focus more on basic lodging needs, and through hotel-based service-industry operations we strive to further vitalize Fukuoka and the greater Kyushu region. Our operations are based out of Fukuoka, which since ancient times has served as a hub for exchanges with China, the Korean Peninsula and other regions, and which also flourished as a medieval center of trade with these regions as well as others including the Ryukyu Kingdom (modern-day Okinawa) and nations/kingdoms in the southern seas. In other words, Fukuoka has long served as Japan's link to the rest of Asia. Thanks to increasing numbers of tourists visiting Japan from abroad, we now host large numbers of international visitors, mostly from South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries and regions. In fact, business results have been on the rise for the last four years running. The FJ.HOTELS approach to customer service is based on the fundamental principle of putting the customer first. In order to ensure that customers view our hotels as places offering unique and enriching experiences, we urge all full- and part-time employees to develop and exhibit, to the greatest extent possible, a spirit of deep-reaching hospitality. Toward this end, it goes without saying that a good understanding of both Japanese and foreign cultures is a necessity. We hope that all applicants for FJ.HOTELS positions will exhibit a strong desire to engage in a wide variety of different workplace tasks, maintain an open-minded perspective and strive to take on as many challenges as possible. Our hotels offer enjoyable and comfortable workplace environments, and our employee training framework equips both full- and part-time employees with skills in the five areas of design, planning, sales, customer service and management. We aim to hire staff who can grow together with us, and who have the desire to make our hotels the first choice of both domestic and international customers.
  • What it Takes to Work at Our Luxury Hotels

  • FJ.HOTELS operates two luxury hotels: the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and the Hyatt Regency Fukuoka. When screening job applicants, the most important factor in a successful candidate is good communication skills ?this includes foreign language skills. Both the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka and the Hyatt Regency Fukuoka host numerous visitors from South Korea, Taiwan, China and other parts of Asia and the world. In recent years, individual visitors (as opposed to group tours) from such countries are on the rise, and we try to make these guests feel at ease in our hotels while visiting Japan, a country where language barriers can sometimes lead to frustration. Therefore, we urge all employees, both full- and part-time, to reflect on their personal definitions of "hospitality" and put the resulting ideas into action. There is more than one way to approach customer service, and we are looking for employees who can foster and provide service that exceeds customer expectations. In recent years, we have proactively sought out Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, European and American staff as well as people from other countries and regions. Customer service styles vary in cultures around the world, and having foreign nationals on our staff makes it possible for Japanese employees to improve their knowledge on service styles for customers from other countries. At the same time, foreign employees can learn about the meticulous, fine-tuned customer service styles of our Japanese team members. Such work environments make it possible for all members to inspire and push one another while achieving growth through experience and study.
  • What it Takes to Work at Our Business Hotels

  • Hotel Forza is an FJ.HOTELS business hotel brand with locations in Fukuoka (Hakata Station area), Oita, Nagasaki and elsewhere. We come up with and implement a variety of unique services such as providing free-to-use iPads in each guestroom and offering breakfast selections that incorporate local cuisine and ingredients. These hotels are positioned in the newly cultivated "smart hotels" category, which focuses on basic lodging accommodations for purposes of relaxation and sleep, and our goal is to establish Hotel Forza locations in major cities throughout the country with operations based out of Fukuoka, Kyushu. In recent years, guests from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe and other parts of the world are visiting Japan in increasing numbers, creating more opportunities for us to utilize communication skills in English, Korean, Chinese and other languages. As a result, customer demand regarding service styles, specific services and so forth is diversifying. At Hotel Forza, we want our staff to view the achievement of customer satisfaction as something that makes them, as employees, happy on a personal level. That is why we are looking for applicants who can independently think up and actualize services tailored to individual customers, without becoming overly focused on standard, widely accepted approaches commonly encountered throughout the hotel industry. The most rewarding part of working at a Hotel Forza location is seeing customers return time and time again, especially when it is your customer service skills that have brought them back. We will provide the support necessary as you strive to cultivate loyal users of our hotels.
  • Training System

  • In addition to equipping employees with the various skills needed to effectively run our hotels, we also train workers to serve as providers of pleasant lodging atmospheres and experiences. At FJ.HOTELS, we are responsible for providing high-quality rooms, food and other such services and amenities. However, our true mission is to offer added value that exceeds customer expectations in terms of the time spent at our hotels as well as the spatial environments and overall atmosphere. There are no set methods or rules when it comes to providing "added value," as this value is perceived differently depending on customer background factors such as age, gender, religion and nationality. Perceptions of value also depend on the customer's reason for visiting?business trip, vacation, commemoration of a special day, local event, or any other reason. Hotel staff who sincerely serve each customer on a person-by-person basis and provide added value appropriate to customers' unique circumstances in a timely fashion are the lodging experience providers we are searching for here at FJ.HOTELS. Employees cannot cultivate such skills by pursuing one type of job alone; they must view customers and operations from a wide range of different perspectives in order to determine what customers perceive as "added value." As a company that operates a wide range of different hotel types, we leverage our unique corporate characteristics through a job rotation system that goes beyond mere on-the-job training and transcends the bounds of job titles and hotel-brand differences. We provide employees with a diverse array of experiences and broaden their views in order to foster as many superb lodging experience providers as possible.


I have never worked at a hotel. Can I still apply?

It is possible to work with us even if you have no experience in the hotel business.
We provide reliable support via thorough employee training systems, on-the-job guidance from experienced staff and other such measures. We welcome all applicants, experienced or inexperienced, who enjoy interacting with customers and share our spirit of hospitality.

What skills do I need to work at a hotel?

No specific license or qualification is needed. However, because FJ.HOTELS facilities are used by numerous customers from Europe, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore and other countries and regions, communication skills in English, Korean, Chinese and other such languages will open up more opportunities for you at our hotels.

Do you hire non-Japanese staff?

We have already hired numerous staff from South Korea, China, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions. In some cases, international exchange students who joined as part-time staff later remained with us as full-time employees. Please note that we require all applicants to have a valid working visa in Japan as well as sufficient Japanese language skills to serve our customers.